Learn how to develop a brand strategy in 6 weeks

A short course for businesses wanting to whitewash their competition, win more customers and build a more profitable brand.   

Media and technology shifts continue to drastically change the way people shop, buy and behave. With an abundance of competition, the intensification of a “pay to play” marketplace and today's hyper connected consumer, it’s never been more difficult to reach and retain customers. We exist to turn businesses into brands. Why? Because passive marketing, standing for nothing and having a me-too strategy is an expensive race to the bottom.

Positive brand memories and associations translate to sales. The more your customers have, the more customers your business will retain. Delivering consistent, meaningful brand experiences takes focus, understanding and commitment – starting from the inside of your organisation, out.  To achieve this, you need to start by developing your brand strategy. Your brand strategy must be intrinsic to your business (not just the marketing team or MD) and when executed effectively is what separates the powerhouse from the mediocre. 

Why take this course?

Set the direction and focus of your organisation so you can stop wasting time and money on the things that don't matter.

Carve out your unique space to separate yourself from the competition and start taking market share.

Acquire and retain more customers so you can stop spending a bucket load on marketing.

Tell your brand's story with confidence and conviction, to drive action and recognition.

Build a brand your customers will love and be loyal to.











Modules over 6 weeks


Easy to follow lessons


Free resources + guides


Weekly Q+A sessions

Waitlist now open for the next course starting January 2o21.

Course Outline

Module 1: Discovery

Understanding your customer, capabilities and marketplace to expose the issues and opportunities.

Module 2: Direction

Setting your goals, vision and a differentiated positioning ambition to catapult business growth.

Module 3: Engagement

Rallying the team behind your cause to translate strategy into action. Why this step will make, or break you.

Module 4: Branding

Defining your signature experiences and creating an empathetic, compelling and distinctive identity system.

Module 5: Implementation

Implementation of your new strategy and ongoing management. What to do (and not to do) to ensure success.

Module 6: Monitoring

Putting the systems in place to monitor, measure and refine your new brand strategy for long-term success.

Who is this course most suited to? 

This course has been designed for small business owners and employees, marketing professionals and budding DIY-ers who have an understanding of basic business and marketing principles.  There are three courses available tailored to complement the life stage of your business.  Whilst we like to think we can cater to most, the course material is more easily applied to service-based businesses as opposed to retailers who have a comprehensive product range.  If you're unsure if you're a good fit for the course, ask us! 

$599 USD

Just do it.

A course for beginners: start ups and new brands. Set your brand up for success from the get go with this easy to follow, interactive course.
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$599 USD

Because you're worth it.

A course for established businesses looking for direction (or redirection). Take your business from bland to brand, with this easy to follow course.
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$1695 USD

Gives you wings.

A course for established businesses who want to transform their brand. Jam packed with bonus templates, 1:1 coaching calls and support to take your brand to the next level.
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Your real world course guide

Mandy Hall is a brand specialist with 15 years' experience spanning a range of categories from aviation, retail, e-commerce, media, financial products, government and more.  Today she leads a brand agency called Chiefs and Indians whose soul purpose is to develop and implement differentiated and distinctive brands for clients seeking to gain a better stronghold on their position in their marketplace. 

Having started her career at Virgin Blue and finishing her corporate employment as Head of Brand at Compare the Market (responsible for two talking Russian meerkats considered as lovable as the infamous m&m characters in just 4 years of existence*), Mandy knows a thing or two about how to use your brand to rally hearts, minds and wallets. 

Mandy is warm, casual and extremely knowledgable when it comes to building brands that can make a material difference.  

Connect with Mandy!

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Waitlist now open for courses starting January 2021.